Behind each unique style of BellaLine is a model of eco and social responsibility that encompasses a range of business, trade, economic, and environmental practices. BellaLine believes that, as a community both near and far, we can bring about the change needed: by offering fashion forward, fair trade, green apparel, raising consumer awareness, and setting examples of sustainability. 


As a social entrepreneur, BellaLine partners with American suppliers who engage in fair trade with impoverished artisans in developing countries and/or produce eco-friendly, organic clothing (handmade) in the USA.  One partner, for example, works with a cooperative in Nepal that employs, trains, and empowers hundreds of women to rise above poverty and support their families.  The income generated by the women is mostly used to meet the minimal needs of survival: clean water, food, adequate shelter, clothing, health care, and education for themselves, their families and their communities.